About Me

    Growing up as an Asian-American, I had high expectations put on me at a young age, and eventually I put even more expectations and pressures onto myself as an adult. My achievements on the surface made for well concealed bouts of self doubt and depression. At the same time that I was pursuing my master's degree in the mental health field, I went through a personal journey with therapy during a difficult time in my life.  Eventually, I realized I wanted to make changes with how I think and feel about myself. I wanted to acknowledge the things that made me ME and the things that didn't. I also wanted to (still do!) build a life that was intentional and based on WHO I AM. And I want to help others do the same!

     I am an empath and a creative who is passionate about self-care practices, especially for others who are creatively inclined. I promote the incorporation of mental health and mindfulness into people’s lives, regardless of age or lifestyle. I encourage people to live intentional and mindful lives, whatever that may look like for them. My personal self-care routine consists of creating collages, writing poetry, maintaining a journal, and practicing yoga.

"mintymich" comes from minty (always wanting to keep my mind fresh and growing like mint) and the first half of my name Michelle.